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Cha-risse Bernardino reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
November 4, 2016 · 
Ordered for the first time this week and loved it! Even my youngest daughter commented 'Mum, I don't like it, I love it!! Looking forward to the following weeks menu! Thank you for the amazing cookies also! 
*Forgot to mention that the presentation of the food is impeccable! Lots of love put into it!
Kathleen Taylor reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
November 3, 2016 · 
Thank you for an outstanding meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by our family tonight. Our dinner was obviously lovingly prepared and was thoughtfully presented. Hubby remarked that this was the tastiest and freshest Asian style food he had ever tried. Your food is wholesome, filling, full of flavour, and isn't oily like usual take away food is. We really look forward to ordering again with you next time �
Alice Alison Tiong reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
November 23, 2016 · 
Delicious home cook meals delivered to my door, love her food. My favourite is her Steamed Orh Kueh / Yam Cake, it's an absolute must-try.
Simon Page reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
December 1, 2016 · 
We were absolutely delighted and grateful to receive a complimentary food parcel from Christina's Gourmet Catering Service. Thank you for your generosity. The variety the freshness and the authenticity of flavours was totally delicious and we would without a doubt recommend this delicious array of dishes to any one who is intending to host a dinner party, or maybe for Christmas. Be sure to give them a ring.
Angeliki Dionysatos-Cerasani reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
November 18, 2016 · 
The food delivered was AMAZING. My Husband was quite all the way through Dinner and I asked why and he said this food is so good :) We had heaps left over for lunches.
My fussy son ate it all too :)
We will be ordering again :)
Bidisha Wood reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
October 26, 2016 · 
Tried Christina's food for the first time tonight and all I can say is wow!!! So so good, we will definitely be ordering again!
Levania Satya reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
January 13 at 9:50pm · 
First order. In love! Olivia is very kind and generous. Food is delicious! Portion is big. �
Tantania Cheng reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
October 27, 2016 · 
Food are well presentable and delicious! Highly recommended
Abby Woolford reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner —5 star
November 27, 2016 · 
The food is fresh and tastes incredible. I especially love the sambal. We will definitely order again. Thanks for a great meal ��
Anna Bee reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
February 2 at 10:28pm · 
I have been watching the menu's umming and ahhhing each week as to whether to try it or not. Last week, the menu choices were all our favs: curry puffs, satay chicken and noodles! If that wasn't a sign - I don't know what is!. So last week, I decided to give myself the day off cooking and treat the family to a meal prepared by Christina. Everything was delicious, fresh and perfectly flavoured! 
If you're like me and unsure, I suggest you give it a try. Generous portions too! Thank you �
Hanny Gerdiman reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
January 23 at 8:29pm · 
I gave Christina's Gourmet Dinner a try when I heard good things about it from a friend. I've only ordered three times, and can already tell we'll be ordering often. Always happy with the food, nice and fresh. Beautiful presentation and good value for money too.
Sandra Danker reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
February 4 at 8:29am · 
Great gourmet food delivered to you doorstep! And even though we are out of delivery zone, the team connected us to another family who's now sharing the delivery cost! Can't wait for next Thursday!
Rachel Capps reviewed Christina's Gourmet Dinner — 5 star
February 3 at 1:21pm · 
Fabulous use of herbs and chilli together with a light touch of sauce. Absolutely enjoyable. Everything. Highly recommend!
Chia Tsuey Horng reviewed Christina's Gourmet Catering — 5 star
One day the spiral curry puffs picture popped up on my Facebook feed and as an avid Malaysian food lover I couldn't resist it. I ordered some to bring to a party and everyone loves them. I had 2 myself. Will try Christina's other specialties next time for sure. Her pricing is very reasonable too.
Gee Why reviewed Christina's Gourmet Catering — 5 star
February 4 at 9:27pm · 
The spiral curry puffs are excellent - the flaky crunch superb, the filling delicious! Can't wait to try other dishes next time :)
Natasia Lavi Lie reviewed Christina's Gourmet Catering — 5 star
January 23 at 7:03pm · 
They cooked on the site for you!! Fantastic way to serve fresh and hot food for guests..
That's the main reason I have them on my kids' bday party. 
So convenient when you dont have to prepare plates etc..They bring and prepare their own cooking stuffs including their table to cook and place to serve them.
Very easy to deal with.. 
All my guests are very happy to have you cooked for them in the party.
Thanks Christina's Gourmet! 
Apologize and thanks again for coping the heat on the day.. hehe!