About the Chef

Christina brings a passion for fresh and authentic Asian cuisine to her clients.
She grew up as a Malaccan Nyonya, (Malaysian Straits Chinese) in a household of generations of excellent cooks. The high standards to use quality ingredients and creative use of aromatic herbs in the kitchen inspired her passion for cooking.
Christina is a modern day Nyonya with a passion for food. The Nyonya cuisine is about traditional family recipes that have been passed on for generations, along with stories of the people who cooked them with “love and passion”.
Christina's dedication to preserve her family's culture will allow you with the cultural and gustatory experiences to savour the best of traditional Nyonya food on your own dining table. 
Her other accomplishments include:
  • Food consultant for a Singaporean restaurant in San Francisco, USA. 
  • Her own catering services in Sydney specialising in Nyonya Malaysian Catering (Christinas’s Gourmet Dinner)
  • Family owned restaurants in Malaysia, including Indonesian and Malaysian Nyonya restaurants.
  • Find out more about us on the Rouse Hill Times newspaper article! 
The History of the Malaysian Nyonya cuisine
The intermarriage between Chinese immigrants and local Malays in the 16th century resulted in the distinctive culture of Straits Chinese Peranakan. Community members of this cultural merge address themselves as Baba (for the gentlemen) or Nyonya (for the ladies) and their cuisine is known as the Nyonya cuisine.